Family & Community Support Services shall strive to provide family support services, which will enhance self-sufficiency, offer practical and effective methods of prevention for the benefit of Blood person(s), promote independence and motivate Tribal Members to be responsible for their well-being and the well-being of our community. Also, to initiate and exercise the effective aspect of voluntarism as a method of sustaining and promoting the traditional practices of sharing, caring, and understanding among the Blood Tribe and its people. In an effort to ameliorate our services. Family & Community Support Services evaluates each program within its structure by internalizing and dissecting roles and responsibilities, employee descriptions, budgets, goals, and strategies. Family & Community Support Services will be able to gauge its course of service delivery to clients and service delivery is the key in providing the highest possible outcome from each program to serve the best interest of the Blood Tribe members. The programs are comprised of Administrative and Finance, Adult-In Home Care, Day Care, Special Projects, and Community Developments.

Vision Statement:

The Family & Community Support Services will continue to work with individuals, family and the community to achieve self-sufficiency, establish independence, and community pride.


The Family & Community Support Services shall provide comprehensive services to meet the needs of the Blood Tribe people and the community.


1. To seek alternative source of funding to enhance exisitng and proposed programs for the benefits of its consumer.

2. To strengthen, stablize and encourage a positive and healthly environment toward the growth of family and community life.

3. To be a preventative nature to improve the ability of persons to identify and act on their social needs, and to help avert family or community social breakdown.

4. To encourage employees and consumers to pursue training and skills relevant to the social, cultural, traditional and contemporary ideas and norms of the Blood Tribe and beyond.

5. To utilize and prompt volunteer efforts from Blood Tribe community members as a method of inclusion, social interaction and goodwill.

6. To network with other agencies, departments and organizations to collaborate in providing information and solutions for the benefit of all Blood Tribe persons who utilize these services.

7. To promote and encourage voluntarism of Blood Tribe members who may want to share their knowledge and expertise with one, or all of the departments.